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Terms of Condition

1 What is BEST WORLD DJS (BWD) ?
BEST WORLD DJS (BWD) the India’s Best Online promoter for underground & renowned Deejays and also Rappers. BEST WORLD DJS (BWD)  provides a platform for (Deejays/Remixers/Producers/Rapper) to showcase their talent to reach masses across the internet. Can Be Viewed And Enjoyed On Mobile Devices..

2 Are These Contain Free?
Yeah! These Contain Are 100% Free, But Your Service Provider May Charge For Normal Airtime Usage. Service Provider Charge For Per Kilobyte For Download. Please Consult Your Service Provider For Full Info..

3 Is The Content On BEST WORLD DJS (BWD) Safe And Virus Free?
All Uploaded Content Will Be Automatically Screened For Viruses Before They Are Made Available For Download On BEST WORLD DJS (BWD). We Cannot Guarantee That All Uploaded Content Is Free From Viruses, But We've Been Very Successful In Preventing The Spread Of Viruses.
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Corona Virus - Please Be Careful We're all going through a very hard time right now. Let's all be responsible and do the right thing. Stay inside! We'd rather see you all safe and healthy, together, and with family. Thank you for BEST WORLD DJS, we love you. With love, from India ❤️